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The World of Craft Beer through the Lens of a Sommelier!

The Influence of Belgian Beers in the Modern Craft Beer World

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It’s no secret that Belgian beer has left its imprint in the craft beer world while heavily influencing methods of brewing, marketing and adjunct ingredients that go into cultivating some of these delicious liquid libations. Perhaps we can blame its rich cultural and political history for making Belgian styles of beer world famous? While other […]

Trappist & Abbey Ales: Part II

KippySipsWine - Trappist Abbey Pic

Let’s explore some of the ‘classic’ styles and characteristics of both Trappist and Abbey ales. There is a multitude of diversity amongst these highly respected beers, and there are no absolute cookie-cutter traits of each. This is precisely why it is so satisfying to ‘study’ these elaborate ales. By ‘study’, I mean drink! Some are […]

Trappist & Abbey Ales: Part I

KippySipsWine -authentic trapppist beer

What are ‘Trappist’ beers? What’s an ‘Abbey’ beer? How do they differ in style, or are they the same? Where did these delicious brews come from? So many questions! Thank God (pun intended) that there are enough of these types of yummy beers to sip on whilst we #figureitout! First, we should clarify that neither […]

What is Cask Beer?

KippySipsWine -beer cask

So, what the heck IS a cask? And what is the difference between regular draft beer and cask-conditioned beer? Well believe it or not, cask-conditioned beer plays a major role in draft beer history, long before modern kegs arrived on the scene. The cask itself is simply a storing vessel for beer (traditionally wooden barrels). […]